Holding a Marriage Together Today

It is difficult for couples to hold a marriage together today. Pressures at work, the stresses of driving children to activities after school, and the political climate are enough to drive a wedge through the strongest marriages. People do not have enough time to spend together, financial worries mount, and making ends meet is virtually impossible. It is not uncommon for couples to live together but have separate lives.

What to Do?

Counseling is available for couples. Typically conducted during weekly sessions, married couples attempt to work out problems with a professional counselor. Some people wait until the marriage is all but dissolved. Smart couples will begin counseling before issues fester and become explosive. Most interpersonal problems do not go away on their own. Things may seem better for a while, but unresolved issues will resonate again and again.

One drawback to weekly sessions is momentum cannot build. An hour passes quickly, and breakthroughs are often interrupted until next week. Another issue is that live gets in the way and not all appointments are kept by both people. Someone must work late, soccer finals are scheduled, illness, inclement weather, and a sick child translates to hit or miss participation.

An Alternative

Getting away from life for three or four days and spending time together provides a break from all the stresses of the daily grind. In the backdrop of beautiful and peaceful Colorado, customized couples therapy retreats are offered by a professional marriage counselor with years of experience. This is not an average retreat where four or five couples participate in activities and sessions.

One-on-one sessions relevant to issues faced by each couple are used to work through problems, reconnect with each other, and develop strategies that foster communication and build on progress after the retreat is over. Intensive focus on personal issues allows breakthroughs to happen uninterrupted by the end of an hour-long session. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership of mutual love and respect. Do not let that fall by the wayside due to the hectic pace and concerns of the world today. Get back in touch and support each other once again.